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Reference Manual

The reference manual is part of the installation archive zip. The file named IRIS_Man.pdf is available in the subfolder ^help on the IRIS root path. The following command opens the reference manual from the Matlab command window once you install IRIS

>> irisman

You can also get the manual from the Downloads section of this website (look for Other Available Downloads under the latest release). The manual provides a description of most of the IRIS functions; it is though not a user guide or a tutorial.

Download and Install IRIS

Instructions how to Download and Install IRIS are available both on the website and in the reference manual. See also Release Notes on all releases.


Short tutorials with commented m-files, model files and reports explaining various areas of IRIS functionality are available from the Tutorials section. We also welcome your help in writing tutorials on the undocumented-yet features of IRIS.

Help in Matlab

The IRIS reference manual is accessible from the Matlab Help browser window. Press the Help button in the Matlab window (or simply F1), click on Supplemental Software, and then choose IRIS Toolbox in the pane on the right.


In addition, you can use the usual Matlab help command to display help on a specific IRIS function in the command window; see the reference manual for the list of topics and function names. Alternatively, you can use the IRIS command idoc, which displays the same help but in a browser window instead:

>> help model/simulate
>> idoc model/simulate

Discussion Forum

You can post your questions and comments on the Discussions tab.

Referencing IRIS in Papers

We recommed the Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation style of software citations. This amounts to something like

J. Benes, M. K. Johnston, and S. Plotnikov, IRIS Toolbox Release XXXXXXXX (Macroeconomic modeling toolbox), software available at,
where J. stands for Jaromir, M. for Michael, and S. for Sergey.

IRIS Training

On-site IRIS training, support and customization are provided by OGResearch, a Prague based macromodeling consultancy. Contact services (at) ogresearch (dot) com.

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