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IRIS Toolbox Release 20151016 Delta

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Released: Oct 16, 2015
Updated: Oct 16, 2015 by jaromirbenes
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Release Notes

Updates in This Delta Release

  • Bug fixed in the preparser. List of control parameters used in control commands !if and !switch was not created correctly. Some of the control expressions evaluated incorrectly to false.

Updates in Previous Delta Releases

  • Improvements in the preparser. The !for control variables can now be used not only in bodies of other control commands nested within, but also in !if conditions, !switch expressions., !case expressions, !import filenames and !export filenames. See Issue 145.
  • User's choice of the Optimization Toolbox option 'Algorithm' in model/sstate is now accepted and no longer overwritten. See Issue 136.

Updates in the Previous Major Release

Minor Backward Compatibility Issues
  • Package +strfun renamed to +textfun to avoid errors created by the Matlab compiler. Rename all your calls to functions within that package from strfun.function_name to textfun.function_name.
  • Default value for option 'blocks=' in model/sstate set to true.
  • Option 'tolerance=' removed from model/model and model/chksstate. Use the new function model/tolerance to set tolerance levels for specific context, see New Features.
  • Obsolete frequency conversion functions mm2qq, etc. removed. Use tseries/convert.
  • Obsolete name for half-yearly dates, zz, removed. Use hh.
  • Obsolete functions and function names dbbinop, dbunop, hp, hpprior, hwbpf, dbfetch removed.
  • Obsolete function model/sstatefile removed.
  • Function report/figure cannot be used to include a user figure in a report any more. Use report/userfigure.
  • Function model/get does not accepts requests 'NameBlk' and 'EqtnBlk' any more; these properties have been removed from model class.
New Features
  • New function model/tolerance. The function sets and gets model-specific tolerance levels, individually for the following contexts: solution, steady state, eigenvalues, and MSE. Do not use this function unless absolutely necessary. See Issue 139.
  • New function model/chkredundant. The function checks for redundant shocks and parameters declared in a model file (but not used in any equations). See Issue 142.
  • New option 'endogenize=' and 'exogenize=' in model/blazer. The options allow the user to run block-recursive analysis of steady-state equations with some parameters endogenized and variables exogenized. See Issue 140.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug fixed in tseries/plotpred. The function was not able to correctly detect axes handles passed in as a first input argument.
  • Bug fixed in tseries/plotpred. The function incorrectly added new plots to existing axes.
  • Bug fixed in the preparser. Some conditional control commands were incorrectly evaluated. See Issue 134.
  • Bug fixed in VAR/assign. Call to the function with more than three input arguments resulted in an error. See Issue 133.
  • Backend functions for detection of HG2 made compatible with R2015b and higher. See Issue 137.
Other Updates
  • The IRIS preparser redesigned and packaged in a new backend package +preparser.
  • Blazer (block-recursive analyzer) redesigned in a new backend class Blazer.
  • X13-ARIMA-SEATS upgraded to Version 1.1 Build 19.
  • Main LaTeX engine set to `XeLaTeX`; if not found, `PdfLaTex` is used. This option can be overridden in irisuserconfig.

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