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report/table functionality

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Apr 16, 2014 at 2:15 PM
Hi guys, I have a specific format for a reporting table that I am trying to produce. The idea is that I want to have a table with the last column highlighted, but not in the way that the report/series highlight argument works. That just highlights the number at a specified date, whereas I am trying to highlight an entire table column.

The other thing I am trying to do is have an asterisk on the last date in the date row, so I can have a footnote underneath saying "last available data point" or something similar.

The "solution" I have now is for Iris to produce as much of the report as possible without these features, then instead of publishing a PDF I just have it produce a .tex file in a directory that I name. Then I read the contents of that file into Matlab and do some string/replace commands to make the edits I need. Once that is done, I print out the updated LaTeX code and then make the final PDF file using the Windows shell.

But all this seems like a VERY complicated way to do a simple thing. Is there something I am missing here--a simpler, more intuitive way to do this?
Apr 21, 2014 at 10:04 PM
Hi Will

There is no support for these features at the moment. Please create new issues/feature requests for these (two separate ones, please -- one for the footnotes, the other for highlighting).

Note that you can use a vertical line in tables (option 'vline=' in report/table) instead of highlighting a date or range as a quick fix...

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