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IRIS Toolbox Release 20140128

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Released: Feb 1, 2014
Updated: Mar 12, 2014 by jaromirbenes
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Release Notes

Minor Backward Compatibility Issues:
  • The modifiable IRIS config option 'plotDateFormat' is now a cellstr of six values, with default plot date formats for each of the six date frequencies: yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, bimonthly, monthly, and weekly. The default value is {'Y','Y:P','Y:P','Y:P','Y:P','Y:P'}.
  • The function SVAR/sort only accepts databases as input data format for its second input argument. It does not work with the older syntax based on tseries objects any longer.
  • Most of the IRIS is-functions have been moved to a new namespace (package) +is: is.anychar, is.anychari, is.eye, is.FAVAR, is.func, is.model, is.plan, is.round, is.SVAR, is.tseries, is.VAR. The old names (isanychar, isanychari, iseye, isfavar, isfunc, ismodel, isplan, isround, issvar, istseries) are no longer available.
Regular Updates
  • Weekly dates introduced. New functions ww, ww2day, day2ww created to handle weekly dates. The IRIS weekly dates comply with ISO 8601. Most importantly, (1) every week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, (2) the month or year in which the week belongs is determined by its Thursday. Every calendar year can therefore have 52 or 53 weeks. The numerical representation of the weekly frequency in IRIS is 52.
  • Functionality enhanced in dat2str and str2dat. The functions now handle weekly dates in both year-period formats (e.g. 2009W01) and calendar formats (e.g. 2009-01-01).
  • Functionality enhanced in various dates and tseries functions. The functions now handle weekly dates.
  • New options in dbplot. The option 'deviationsFrom=' allows to plot deviations (either additive or multiplicative) of the input series from its value at a certain date. The option 'deviationTimes=' allows to multiply the reported deviations by a constant factor. See help on dbplot.
  • Issue 247 closed, feature added. New option 'inputFormat=' added to all report objects to control the interpretation of text input; the option can be either 'plain' (default) or 'latex'.
  • Issue 248 closed, bug fixed. The preprocessor did not handle correctly !if commands nested within !for commands when the !for control variable was given a user name.
  • Issue 250 closed, bug fixed. The model parser had a minor bug in the regular expression reading line comments. No know consequences though.
  • Issue 252 closed, feature added. Vertical concatenation (vertcat or [...;...]) introduced for most IRIS objects; behaves the same way as horizontal concatenation, producing objects with multiple parameterizations.
  • Issue 253 closed, feature added. Panel VAR functionality extended to structural VAR objects (SVARs).
  • Issue 254 closed, bug fixed. The function grfun.hline was mistakenly redirected to a background (i.e. RHS) axes object in plotyy graphs.

Reviews for this release

Moc pekne. Borci do toho!
by fm_ on Feb 25, 2014 at 7:58 PM
IRIS kicks ass compared to other software for economic analysis. The updates are done quickly and the documentation and tutorials are excellent. Thanks IRIS team!
by Charl on Feb 6, 2014 at 12:22 PM