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IRIS Toolbox Release 20141219 MAJOR RELEASE

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Released: Dec 19, 2014
Updated: Dec 19, 2014 by jaromirbenes
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Release Notes

Major Updates
  • New object rpteq for reporting equations with improved evaluation. Reporting equations can be part of regular model files, or typed in separate files, or created directly in an m-file or command prompt. See documentation and new tutorial for details.
  • New option 'solver=' in model/simulate to switch between two types of numerical solvers for nonlinear simulations: the existing 'plain' solver (fast but less robust), or a call to @fsolve or @lsqnonlin within the Optimization Tbx (slower but likely to converge for a wider range of simulations).
  • Simulation of larger models with anticipated shocks or anticipated endogenized shocks accelerated. Part of the redesign is a new option 'sparseShocks=' in model/simulate that allows storing anticipated shocks in sparse arrays.
Minor Backward Compatibility Issue
  • Explicit daily dates introduced. Any date represented by an integer greater than or equal to 365244 (Jan 1, 1000) is automatically considered a daily date, and not a date with indeterminate frequency. This only affects the way the dates are displayed in the command window or in figures.
  • Function dbase/array2db changed its first input argument. The input array is now expected to be organized column-wise (and not row-wise as before), each time series in a column. New dimension checks were added to minimize the chances of mix-up.
Regular Updates
  • Issue 77 (dbplot options) closed, bug fixed. In dbase/dbplot, user-defined plot function arguments were not passed into the plot function.
  • Issue 76 (autoexogenise) closed, functionality added. New value @all accepted for second input argument into function plan/autoexogenise.
  • New function tseries/band for plotting line graphs with bands around. The function is consistent with the existing report object report/band.
  • New value @default allowed in graphics style struct (as input to the function qstyle function, or to the options 'style='). @default keeps the value for the corresponding graphics object unchanged.
  • Workaround for Matlab bug. Figures with grfun.highlight, grfun.zeroline, grfun.vline, grfun.hline were not rendered correctly when print was called with the -painters option.

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