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New Graphics System (HG2) in Matlab R2014b

The Mathworks released Matlab R2014b on October 5th. This release contains a major upgrade of the Matlab graphics system. The new graphics system (sometimes referred to as HG2) introduces a number of great features and improvements with much more flexibility than before, yet at the same time also several backward incompatibilities (quite necessarily given the sheer extent of under-the-hood changes). Although the IRIS Solutions Team has worked intensively on non-public Matlab pre-releases over the last year to make sure the graphics and reporting functions and objects work properly, you will still feel the change. Many things will look differently once you upgrade to R2014b, and there is absolutely nothing we or you can do about that...

If you operate critical systems that rely on graphics and reporting, do not update to Matlab R2014b until you have successfully tested everything in a sandbox.

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