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Why Have We Moved IRIS from Google Code to CodePlex?

In January 2014, Google discontinued its download services on Google Code, the project hosting site we previously used to maintain IRIS. Moving the IRIS download area to Google Drive (a solution suggested by Google) turned out not to be a good option, and many of you immediately reported a variety of problems. We therefore decided to permanently move the website, downloads and source code repository to CodePlex.

What Does the Move Mean for You?

First of all, you should always use the primary URL, which is, and is independent of the provider of project hosting services. Whenever and wherever we move IRIS (not that we would enjoy that), this address will always remain valid.

If you wish to be able to participate in the discussion forum, report bugs or submit feature requests, you will need to register as a CodePlex user. We know... this is a bit of a pain, and we are really sorry about that.

We are now in the process of transferring the IRIS home from Google Code to CodePlex. This website is therefore still incomplete.

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