Estimation Problem

Hello, I' m using Iris 20150527 version, and want to estimate std of shocks and parameters. So, after running the .m file I/m getting an error message (attached). What might be the cause of the ...

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Problem creating report - Ubuntu

Hello, I am using the IRIS Toolbox (20151016) on Ubuntu 16.04. When starting up IRIS in Matlab, the TeX complier is found: IRIS Macroeconomic Modeling Toolbox Release 20151016. Copyright (c) 20...

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bug in datxtick

datxtick removes the tick labels on the x-axis: x = tseries(qq(2010,1):qq(2011,4),@rand); plot(x); datxtick(mm(2010,1):mm(2011,12),'dateFormat=','Mmm YYYY'); the bug is on line 33 of +irisopt...

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Hi everybody, I get the following message when I try to download any version of IRIS: "This file is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it". I get the same message with other browsers. Has anyone t...

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Cannot finish publishing pdf report

With the latest build of MikTex (2.9.6161), IRIS cannot finish publishing report. Additional information: The findtexmf command happens to return extra new line character at the end of the path....

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recursive dynamic links

Hello Jaromir, Users have to order recursive dynamic links manually. This is error prone. IRIS should do this automatically (same way as steady state equations are ordered by Dulmage-Mendelsohn p...

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publish function is not compiling pdf

Function works properly when the previous version of IRIS (20150527) is used. But fails to compile pdf when the current version is used (20151016). Besides this problem MATLAB 2016a runs better wit...

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preserve ordering when merging databases

dbmerge and struct/plus result in sorted field names. preserving original order is preferred. Solution is to replace 'last' to 'stable' as option to unique function.

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estimate linear models

estimate function doesn't work for linear models: The bug is in line 71 of function classlib\@model\myupdatemodel.m: This = mysstatelinear(This,Opt); should have the second argument AltVec: This ...

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logList missing in manual for get

The manual for get function is missing 'logList' query option to return the list of log-linearised variables.

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